Elements to improve thermal comfort

The PASSIVE HOUSE are the latest in construction and are very fashionable. And, it is that a house with an energy efficiency such that it almost reduces its consumption to zero thanks to the techniques and studies to adapt it to the area where it is built and to cover the specific needs, draws the attention of anyone.

If the chosen land is used correctly, the house is oriented as it should and calculates well where and how to place each type of innovative material that passive houses have, it can be possible to reduce the consumption of our house by up to 90% by taking advantage of thermal energy Of the same.

Not all PASSIVE HOUSE are built from scratch, it is also possible to adapt different homes to the passive house mode using the materials required to achieve the thermal insulation that is needed. Materials are one of the most important parts for the insulation of a PASSIVE HOUSE , some of the most used are wood, concrete, stone or steel. All of them with their previous studies to contribute various characteristics to the house.

In addition to the materials used, it is important to combine them with a good dose of technological advances that in turn are intertwined with traditional architectural elements that are very useful to achieve the thermal insulation of our PASSIVE HOUSE . These elements that help the energy efficiency of our house can be things as typical as:

Awnings: it is a vertical and horizontal system that is normally installed above the windows on the façade side. Something as simple as this can be of great help if we place it with a good orientation, since it will protect us from excess heat in summer and cold in winter. Another thing that must be taken into account when placing them in addition to the material, is the appropriate color for the PASSIVE HOUSE situation.

Pergolas: it is a larger awning, which, like these, protects us from the heat and will keep us from the cold in winter. In this case, technology is more important, since it is recommended that the pergolas have an electronic movement system. In addition, being larger and outdoors, they allow the use of climbing plants to provide us with extra shade in summer and rich sun in winter that will be perfect for the energy efficiency we need.

Eaves: this kind of visor on the roof of the house will allow us to eliminate excess solar radiation in our home, as well as give direct light during the winter months, built in the best way to have the best energy efficiency.

Louvre shutter: this is a special shutter that will prevent heat from entering directly through our windows in summer but in winter it will let it enter so that it fully enters the PASSIVE HOUSE .

Porches: in this case we have a larger construction that is not possible to install in all passive houses, since it requires a higher space. But, it can be quite useful in areas with excessive heat such as Andalusia. Having space we can take advantage of the porch with advantages in all seasons of the year, since it offers many possibilities and different materials according to the needs of each home.

All this and much more is what we can achieve with the architecture of the PASSIVE HOUSE , but first it is highly recommended to carry out a study of the solar path in the area where each house is. Once the area has been studied both meteorologically and geographically, we can get a passive house with which to make the most of thermal insulation and achieve the best energy efficiency.

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