The well-being revolution is here to stay. There are ever-more people who are embracing a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that permeates all spheres of daily life. 


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Modern societies live in a world that is turning faster and faster, with an economy of immediacy driving them into a spiral of stress in which people are seeking ways to understand life and achieve happiness.

To do so, societies put forward a philosophy that fosters an understanding of well-being as a comprehensive concept of psychological and physical health for the people within them, always seeking a healthy environment that takes into account their health and respect for nature.

The search for well-being begins in the most personal environment that humans have: the home, and it extends into the workplace, leisure spaces and even education. 


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Connect. Relax. Unclutter your mind. Renew yourself. Recharge your batteries. Spending time in nature has a positive effect on your physical and mental health. It doesn’t matter how old you are or your level of fitness. It could be anything from hiking to spending all afternoon lying in a hammock, but there is no doubt that coming closer to nature simply for enjoyment is part of that philosophy.

We seek to disconnect from everyday stress and feel we are part of a cultural identity that binds us as human beings to nature. A simple life in contact with nature without disturbing or destroying it. Furthermore, it has been shown that open-air activities have positive repercussions on our physical and mental health. In fact, it brings incalculable benefits.

By paying attention to the natural environment, we no longer place the emphasis on ourselves.

At VIVO Sustainable Homes we are aware of the importance of having open-air spaces in the home; green ones with all the facilities necessary to spend long hours in the garden. We aim to make the outside of the home an oasis within your own paradise.


Whether it’s a cosy reunion around a wooden table by candlelight or admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature, it’s the simple things that give you a feeling of unimaginable pleasure. It is the kind of security you experience when you feel calm and comfortable at the same time

That sudden happiness given by simple moments of ecological pleasure, of tranquillity, of socialising and making natural meals in no time. Those are the little joys that reflect a humble state of mind but which bring about true well-being.

There are increasingly more of us who are choosing simplicity, choosing beauty.


A healthy body is a guarantee of well-being. We are aware of the importance of caring for our health as a fundamental part of achieving happiness. To do so, it is essential to have good nutrition.

Fostering a healthy lifestyle also involves a varied, healthy diet with organic, proximity products. By doing this diligently when making our meals and taking care of the products we’re going to eat, we can become much more aware of our well-being.


Respect for nature

Respect means knowing how to appreciate and recognise others’ needs and being considerate.

When we talk about nature, we are referring to the surroundings in which we live: the animals, plants and everything that makes life possible on this planet. We are referring to the attention paid to the environment and recognition of its needs, maintaining its conditions so it can continue existing and developing just as it is.

For those of us who say we respect nature, not only do we appreciate it, but we take proactive steps in order not to damage it and to protect it from the impact of human beings. That is because those of us who are a part of the so-called ecological conscience are aware that our environs directly influence and have repercussions on our health and on our well-being itself. Indeed, attacking our surroundings and nature means, in the long term, attacking ourselves.

Spaces in the open air can also allow their inhabitants to create agricultural gardens to provide fruit and vegetables for themselves, grown and harvested by themselves in gardens created by themselves. This is one way of caring for and showing all the affection we feel for the land.

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Connection in the purest sense

Connecting with other communities and feeling a part of something; of a group of people who share our ways of leisure and our philosophy of life. This is a chance to create strong inter-generational and inter-cultural bonds with the members of a community as well as with those who visit it.

When a group of people makes human health and well-being their centre of attention in all of the environment where they are located, whether in their homes or their neighbourhoods, then spaces are generated that foster relationships.

VIVO designs spaces so that people can enjoy large areas to meet up or else within the home or in the open air. It is fundamental for us that you should be able to meet up with friends and relatives in your home’s living spaces, so that others can also have a unique experience in your home for a short time.

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Cosy technology

Your own space where you can feel protected and comfortable. Created by you and for you. Where you can live the way you want. Where you can share special moments and make memories to remember. That is our definition of a home.

The home is an essential part of our well-being, which can be fostered within it thanks to comprehensive solutions that affect aspects such as the optimum temperature, the ergonomics of the spaces and insulation from the outside.

Part of our health and well-being stems from a residence that is free from stress, designed to create a balanced environment with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials capable of achieving greater energy efficiency.

VIVO Sustainable Homes, thanks to the latest technologies that can be installed in residential buildings, generate an environment full of comfort with an ideal temperature, natural lighting and style. All of this is done with the sole aim of creating a healthy space in which to live in peace with yourself and your environs.

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