What is the internet of things?

Home life has more and more technologies to facilitate certain tasks and have a more comfortable home. With the internet of things we refer to all these smart objects that, remotely, help us perform these functions.

Normally everything is connected to our mobile, with which we give orders such as turning off or on lights, starting appliances, etc. all with internet connection. There are more and more everyday appliances that have smart options and that little by oco we adapt them to our home such as refrigerators, coffee makers, televisions, stereo systems, air conditioners and a list that is growing.

This technology is not only in homes, but is applied in jobs such as education, agriculture, production, etc. basically it can be adapted to all jobs in some way. In the case of the home, the branch studied is called home automation, which is dedicated to automating homes, where the air conditioning is located.

The internet of things, like the PASSIVE HOUSE , aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of that house, and it all starts with the simplest things. To maintain good air conditioning, smart thermostats are used that regulate the temperature of the passive house to suit each individual's taste. This is becoming quite common, more and more people do it from their mobile.

In addition, this type of application allows you to control them not only from home, but from anywhere, since it is connected to the internet. So, if we want the house to be warm when we arrive in winter or cool in summer, we will configure it for a while before arriving so that as soon as we open the door we are in the perfect environment to be comfortable in our house.

Some of the air conditioning functions that we can have in passive houses thanks to the internet of things are, for example, the remote on and off of thermostats. You can even install a GPS in the house that will recognize that we are close to it and will begin to acclimatize when it feels that we are close so that when we arrive it is in perfect air conditioning conditions. These systems study the climate of the area where the PASSIVE HOUSE is located and adapt to them.

Other functions that the internet of things allows us in terms of home air conditioning is remote support. This means that, as we control everything from a mobile app, we can also obtain remote technical service allowing support to access our air conditioning equipment from their app to solve problems that require their help.

Finally, and probably something of the highlight, thanks to the air conditioning systems of passive houses, we obtain energy savings in several ways. The first thing we reduce is our own energy consumption, since it will only stay on when it is needed. And we not only talk about air conditioning if we talk about energy saving, but we can install motion sensors that turn on both lights and other devices so that they are only activated, for example, when light is needed and natural light cannot be used.

We also have to take into account that the environmental impact is greatly reduced by reducing energy use and at the same time reducing the amount of necessary repairs that entail less waste of materials that are harmful to sustainability.

Therefore, it is clear that taking advantage of technology to improve our comfort, not only benefits us and is in more everyday things than we imagine.

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