The importance of sustainable water management

It is undeniable that we are in a global crisis situation with regard to natural resources. Water is one of the most affected, it is probably the most important resource and its problems can directly harm people.

This is not a new problem, the UN already warned in 2015 that there would be a lack of water of 40% if this did not change. The problem is that we consume a quantity of water greater than our possibilities, not only for our own consumption, but industrially it is consumed in excess and this leads to a reduction in the global water level that will end up being unsustainable. And, we are not the only ones affected, we must also take into account the damage we do to marine ecosystems and what it means for climate change.

A plan that is carried out to alleviate this problem is the certificates of sustainability in construction projects, establishing limits that can damage the environment. A PASSIVE HOUSE has this sustainable quality, which gives it specific characteristics of efficient construction. By having this certificate, we ensure sustainability throughout the construction process of our passive house, which is part of the study of its positioning.

There are different official sustainability certificates, it depends a bit on the type of construction, what the building is going to be used for or in which country we are, for example. The best known are the LEED, which in Spain are managed by the Technological Institute of Galicia. Another well-known one is the GREEN and WELL certificates, who strive to maintain the health of the future inhabitants of the construction project in question.

The sustainability of the water brought to homes is quite important, since we are talking about one of the most important natural resources and it is directly necessary for our well-being. Having a sustainable development is a very good option to face this problem.

Since 1987 and with the document "Our Common Future" drawn up by the Brundtland Commission, sustainable development is considered one of the best ways to stop future problems derived from the lack of water that is always increasing. In recent years, sustainability programs are the most important point for development from a social and economic point of view, but always respecting the environment and trying to damage it as little as possible.

We can say that it is considered urgent to carry out good management of the planet's water, so that we all have access and that the supply is sufficient and reaches all places. Always thinking that future generations will come who will need this resource in the same way that we need it.

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