The importance of air purification and air conditioning

Keeping the air in your home purified and clean is also a convenience for those who live in it. There are solutions such as systems that include PASSIVE HOUSE , to maintain exceptional air quality, while being fully sustainable.

Clean air is health

Something widely used to keep air purified are air conditioners with purification functions. These remove particles from the air to clean it. Very useful for seasons where allergies are the order of the day. 

There are even those with the necessary power to avoid dust, mites, bacteria, viruses and even insects. It is very useful for those who have pets and want to eliminate their hair or bad smells.

Basically, there are three types of filter that are, dust, HEPA and activated carbon. They all serve to purify the air in your home, the point is to be able to choose the correct one for the needs you require.

Importance of humidity level

Something that is also quite important when it comes to having pure air, is to maintain an environment with low humidity, since it can be quite harmful to health.

We can avoid anything from mucus and respiratory diseases, to skin problems or allergies.

The purifiers that have, for example, the PASSIVE HOUSE , absorb excess moisture in the air to keep the air clean and purified and thus avoid these health problems. All this will be improved with a dehumidifier.

Using humidification and purification simultaneously

A purifier regulates the humidity of the air to maintain it in healthy standards, but if our house has zero humidity, it will not be able to stabilize either. This is solved with the installation of a humidifier, which will raise the water in the air of our home so that the purifier stabilizes the balance perfectly and achieve a totally healthy and sustainable air.

Flash Streamer technology

Air purification was not going to be left behind in technological advances, so it is always innovating in improving it. The latest in purification technology is the Flash Streamer, which uses electrons to remove allergens from the air in our home.

Choosing your purifier

To correctly choose your purifier, you have to take into account various things in your home and their needs. Let's see them: 

Transfer capacity. Moving it from one room to another can be very useful and necessary.

Capacidad de traslado. Moverlo de una habitación a otra puede ser muy útil y necesario.

Filtration. Choose the correct filter for the type of environment in your home.

Noise. There are many that produce a noise that can be annoying, look at it before installing it.

Ionization. Think about whether you are interested in eliminating bad odors, which will increase the price.

They are just a few things to look for when looking at any air purification equipment.

Purifying and air conditioning your air is the best option

We have managed to define some basic notions about air conditioning and air purification, so, at least, we can go to a store and understand a little the characteristics of each device of the style.

We have learned that, in addition to maintaining clean air and adequate humidity, these devices provide us with defenses against airborne particles that can be harmful to our health.

More and more innovations are being made to have cleaner air, longer-lasting health and, above all, to make you as comfortable as possible in your own home.

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